madkingrian asked:

Hia, I started listening to 5sos on Tuesday and I really like them so I wanna know about the members. Can you possibly post a picture of each and simple info on them :)

awgsakarth answered:

you have come to the right place my friend 

before we start i would like to warn you (incase you didnt already know) 5sos is pronounced 5sauce (something i find to be very stupid) but people will attack you if you say 5 - es - oh - es 


first, we have luke robert hemmings:

he’s basically the front man for 5sos, playing guitar and singing (even though all four of the members sing) he’s the youngest (17) of the band and the tallest (by a long shot lmao) he tends to be the more serious one out of the four 

here we have luke holding the bassist calum up while he sleeps with one arm

next, michael gordon clifford

michael plays guitar and sings stage right he dyes his hair alot (ex: pink, purple, red, blue, white) he is eighteen and wears plaid a lot my favorite thing about michael is his skin because it is flawless 

now calum thomas hood

calum plays bass and sings is also eighteen and likes to be naked 

we don’t know why he is naked so much its just something he does

finally ashton fletcher irwin

ashton plays drums and sings he’s the oldest member (19) and he wants to remember every moment of his life so he is always recording and taking pictures lmao ashton was not an original to the band as he was added later

 hope i did something to help! aha





i like it